Welcome back, neon animal prints layered with funky logos and contrasting patterns! It’s all in the ASOS X MTV collection and it is all so wonderfully weird.
Rocking pink and green leopard print on a fanny pack that matches your socks and oversized top is something from my wonderfully weird and wildest dreams. Every piece of this 80’s inspired summer collection is bold, brutal and banging.

Jimmy Kors


From Hackney to Hollywood: Our London-listed love, Jimmy Choo, has been purchased in a deal worth almost £900m, Josie Marie (belatedly so) reports. It is safe to say that the brand is no longer Great Britain’s, let alone London’s.

Talking Tees


Sorry I missed your call… I was busy writing about slogan tees. It is important to connect with slogan tees. It is important to connect with the symbolism laced in an otherwise basic garment. Black, red, vinyl, embroidery, white, blue, badge, foil – your tee, your voice.

Summer 17 

Fashion, Personal

Finding my feet in the blogging world has been a consuming struggle for most of the past year. Each post had a foundation of nerves, confusion and struggle. I found it unsatisfying describing the details of my outfits, and assumed it overwhelming to delve into intricate fashion theory.

Mesh And Cranberry Kisses


LBMD = Little Black Mesh Dress. Whether you’re going for a strappy and dainty or a casual and sleeved little black dress, mesh will always be happy to work with you and create a look to make you shook. My glittery number shimmered red in the light and graced the top of a littler LBD; check them red sparkles!

The Lemonade Diet

Beauty, Personal

Terrible skin, dull hair, bloated stomach, awful appetite and a whole lot of shame: I was going through one of those phases. What did I decide would make it all better? Behold…. The Lemonade Diet! (Nah, not the fizzy kind… As much as I’d have loved that).
Even though I’ve never been one for dieting or detoxing, experimentation called and prompted me to believe a detox would fix my ugly phase.

Coconut Oil: 5 Ways

Beauty, Personal

With almost 2,000 global studies of the health benefits of coconut, there must be just as many testimonies of its fundamental role in the beauty world. Not only does it smell amaze, coconut oil can be used to remove make up, condition and soothe hair, and many more. Here are a few of my favourite ways to implement coconut oil into my beauty routine (I swear by it)….