Coconut Oil: 5 Ways

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With almost 2,000 global studies of the health benefits of coconut, there must be just as many testimonies of its fundamental role in the beauty world. Not only does it smell amaze, coconut oil can be used to remove make up, condition and soothe hair, and many more. Here are a few of my favourite ways to implement coconut oil into my beauty routine (I swear by it)….

Makeup Remover
Makeup is solubilized by gently rubbing coconut oil on your face. A little scoop of this, on your eyes and then skin, will efficiently melt any makeup and thus leave it as no more than ruined product on your face, ready to be wiped off with a soft, warm cloth. It is, hands down, the best makeup remover I ever have used and ever will use – Scout’s honour.
Benefits include: hydrating your skin, more delicate on the eyes sensitive skin than other products and leaves your face smelling delish.

Lip Balm
Just like coconut oil hydrates skin, it hydrates chapped lips. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumours of how commercial lip balms include ingredients that further dry out your lips, but coconut oil would never treat you like that. Massaging a little blob into your lips before bed will have you waking up with smoother lips. Sometimes, this method works effectively with combating cold sores.
Benefits include: it tastes better than most commercial lip balms, all natural ingredients and is consumable.

Hair Mask
And again, hydrating qualities, people! Coconut Oil works as a 100% natural hair conditioner, most effective when used to deep condition. Run warm water through your hair before melting 2-3 table spoons of coconut oil and then massaging that in. Wrap in a hot towel or hair turban and leave in for at least 2 hours or overnight.
Benefits include: soothing split ends, moisturising dry and dull hair, replacing frizz with shine, and leaves hair smelling better than ever.

Makeup Brush Cleaner
Just like coconut oil melts make up while it’s on the face, it liquefies built up product in your makeup brushes. Thoroughly massage coconut oil into the deepest bristles, building up a dirty foamy substance, and then thoroughly rinse with hot water and leave to dry.
Benefits include: your brushes will be soft as new and coconut oil left behind in the brushes proposes zero threat.

Face Wash
The natural anti-bac properties found in coconut oil help fight the bacteria that causes breakouts and blemish patches. Massage into a naked face and thoroughly wash off with a warm cloth; This is most effective after a shower when pores are open and skin is purified. For those with oily skin, try not to use this more than once a month.
Benefits include: less breakouts, fresher feel to skin and softer skin overall.

Tell me any other ways you use coconut oil!
Josie Marie x

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