Metallica? Nah, Madonna.


How does one go about sporting a trend without adhering to the standard code? You can always bank on the Queen of Pop to feather a distinct, yet relevant, alternative to current trends.

Not too long ago, us girls were wearing One Direction tees or JLS hoodies, with a young heart beating along to the rhythm of ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’ Now, everybody’s in love (Like what I did, there?) with heavy metal band tee’s as dresses without knowing (or wanting to know) the lyrics to any of their songs. With the revival of 90s fashion being fundamental to our wardrobes right now, it’s plain to see why this trend is about town.

Madonna’s fashion-forward attitude and influence led novelist and journalist Michal Pye to say that she “not only makes fashion, she is fashion.” This is undoubtedly the case for my oversized tank top, which boasts a campaign image from her 1987 ‘Who’s That Girl’ world tour. Teamed with ripped jeans and black biker-style boots, I found myself slipping into a statement outfit that meant more than the printing of a random bands name on a big-ol’ top. Madonna’s ever-changing looks throughout history make this a rock’n’roll, a sophisticated, a toned down, a bold, etc, outfit. The possibilities of what you can do with her influence are uncountable… or is that just my English-student-self looking too deeply beyond the surface?

Look at some of the looks from Madonna’s 1990 ‘Blond Ambition’ world tour and keep looking throughout the years. Her 2013 punk looks are iconic, and I bet you’re loving fishnets ATM too. So why shouldn’t her face printed on a tee provide multiple style possibilities?

What’s your thoughts on heavy metal branded tee’s?
Josie Marie x


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