My latest purchase – a pair of holographic kicks – have certainly added some edge to my circle of trainers. I’m edgy af now.

So, what does one do when their white trainers are too worn to look fresh but too fresh to invest in another identical pair? Easy… just grab a pair of holographic ones. With this comes a fantastic sense of nostalgia when they project light like our dearly missed light up shoes, and a stylish distancing from fashion norms. Such a versatile, and yet funky, pair of shoes are from boring and add some jazz to my outfits. 

A chunky white sole supports the silver holographic body like a solid and trusty marshmallow sole (it’s so comfy.) The body reflects off the light in a way that makes what’s meant to be trashy, look snazzy. On top, fresh white laces weave throughout the tongue, adding boldness to the overall shoe through their contrast to the body, and their matching to the sole. Taking precedence is the fact that despite the unique, and occasionally despised, look of holographic material, these trainers match almost any outfit – just like the universal use of white trainers.

How do you feel about holographic material on clothes, shoes and accessories?
Let me know!
Josie Marie x

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