Cute In Crochet


Boob tubes: 70’s style coming back in popular millennial materials. I think that crochet is always cute, so here are my thoughts on these little lace tubes.


Crochet isn’t just a style of knitting or simply Irish lace; the past few years have seen it dominating our favourite fashion sites in festival collections and plenty other summer designs. Combining the famous boob tube with the so ‘now’ material has proved simple, but effective. Despite being a creation that I’m aware many people opt to make at home, my skill still lies with pressing the “Buy Now” button and enjoying someone else’s handiwork and skill.


These little pieces are from depop and can be found on all different pages, from different sellers. Standard price is about £7-9 and defo worth it. Although one must note that you take care not to catch too many of the crochet loops or you may experience some pretty poor pulls. Almost every colour is available on that nifty little app: from pastel pinks to glowing greens, or keeping it casj with black or white.


For my style, I pair these with jeans and trainers but have seen alternative looks with skirts and boots. I find that I like to keep my simple tops within simple outfits and just accessorise heavily. As always, your visions determine your purchases.

Let me know if you want to see some more depop piece posts!
Josie Marie x

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