Game of Rhodes

Greenery, Game-Of-Thrones vibes and rising ground for miles; the city of Rhodes held plenty of magic inside its walls. I arrived there this August (after a journey of embarrassingly crippling seasickness) and concluded that when one develops an appetite for escapism, medieval essence and turquoise crystallic water, Rhodes is rich for you.

Of course, I captured as many pictures as I could. So, grab yourself a coffee and get ready for this pretty-picture post.


Every corner was a leafy archway or enchanting view of the Atlantic ocean. The city was composed of the most marvellous wall, palace and buildings, some of beige brick and others painted with warm tones of orange and yellow.

Yet, it still had room for so much greenery.

I was shocked by how leafy it was, when every prior perception I had of the island/city was based around middle-ages imagery. I’m well aware now that trees blossomed in said ages as much as they do now – my bad. 


The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes *and breathe* and its surrounding buildings were (forgive me for saying) SO Game of Thrones – namely King’s Landing without the cliff and the Lannisters.

It made me feel nostalgic for medieval summer days that I never even experienced 😦


The Atlantic ocean cannot go ignored – calm but alive, turquoise but crystal clear and cold but soothing – it’s visible from many of the cities corners.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to properly visit the beach… but that wasn’t accidental; I bloody hate sand. 

What I did manage, instead, was a few hours on the rocks by the harbour with my legs dipped into the sea. The colour of the ocean is as vivid in my memory as the waves hitting my legs and my feet hitting the little fish (sorry fishies.)

Ohhhhh, what a day. Despite crippling seasickness and a bad hummus experience, my day in Rhodes was un-bloody-believable.

I’m unsatisfied (but not disappointed, don’t get me wrong) with my visit and crave more exploration of the old roads in Rhodes and the sentiments piled into busy back streets and market stalls.

I could also do with another slushie in the sun. Sigh.

Have you ever visited Rhodes? Let me know how you felt inside its walls,
Josie Marie xo

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