When summer disappears, the coats return from the war(drobes). But the disappearance of summer doesn’t immediately omit the disappearance of colour and one would be foolish to assume it did. 

Some of our favourite brands – Ted Baker, Puffa, Diane Von Fursternberg – are doing the most to keep colour alive as the leaves die. And you guessed it, mustard (and lesser tones of yellow) has made the cut.


Stella McCartney’s done it, Vivienne Westwood does it, and Gucci has committed to doing it – everyone’s doing faux fur.

You can do it too… be comfy and cruelty-free in a vibrant shade of mustard. Diane Von Fursternberg’s shorter coat chooses longer fur and larger collars, whereas Pretty Little Thing’s premium piece is longer in length and slightly over-sized.


Last year was the year of the cropped puffer jacket, and this year it’s the same but different. Keeping it warm for longer in lighter mustard tones.

Both Puffa and River Island have gone for longline padded jackets – Puffa especially have made an old sport new with a new length and a black band across the chest to contrast those yellow tones.


Just as the puffers are longer, so are the longlines. Both ASOS and New Look are providing the essential design in the essential colour at an affordable price.

Collars pair perfectly with longline, and they pair perfectly with all occasions. I am loving my collared coat this winter as much as I am loving the colour. 

I’ve written before that mustard is either one of those colours that you love or hate, and I’ve also written that I bloody love it. 

What mustard pieces are you feeling this winter?
Josie Marie xo

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