My name is Josie Marie and this is my corner of the internet. I am a storyteller of both fiction and of colour-focused make-up and beauty trends – I try to steer away from the standard mode of ‘reviewing’ and personal style writing on blogs. By applying my literary expertise to my trend-focused passion, I have conjured up this little namesake corner of the internet that produces, as you shall see, authentic and funky content – I hope.

I am a 20 year old English Literature in Sheffield (120 miles North of home!) and I love city culture and a cheeky cocktail – namely a strawberry daiquiri. I am not much of a healthy eater so my apologies on the lack of beach-bod inspo, but I still love going on beach holidays without a model-bod.

I mostly explore colourful eye-shadow – the trends, palettes, looks, quirks – and push their boundaries. I then keep pushing those boundaries to explore the aesthetic possibilities of make-up. I hope you enjoy my content and pictures as much as I enjoy creating them… which is a lot. Maybe even too much.

Platforms I write for include my critically acclaimed twitter account (never a dull tweet) since 2009, The University Paper since September 2017 and I am a Beauty Editor at i The Stylist


If you are interested, inspired or even annoyed by my work, please do let me know! I am contactable at regarding all collaborations, guest blogging, work, enquiries etc.

Click the + at the bottom of this page for more on me,
Josie Marie xo

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